Autoricardo says goodbye!

Frequently asked questions

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I am not a dealer. Where can I sell my car?
Since June 2020, private sellers are able to advertise their vehicles on CAR FOR YOU. Private classifieds for motorbikes, spare parts, trailers, boats or commercial vehicles can be placed free of charge on Ricardo remains available for offers intended for auctions or immediate sales.
What does CAR FOR YOU offer?
CAR FOR YOU helps people without much knowledge about vehicles to select the right vehicle. The emphasis is on customer benefit. The platform went live in February 2019. Since then, it has been continuously developed and enhanced with new functions and services. For example, it offers dealers a unique 360-degree video function that allows them to view vehicles in detail, as if they were inspecting them on the spot. The price check is a great help to interested parties searching for a suitable vehicle. It shows the customer how fair the price of the relevant vehicle is in comparison with similar vehicles. The algorithm draws on data records for the Swiss car market going back ten years, and can calculate whether or not an offer corresponds to the market value. This algorithm is also being constantly improved. In addition, users benefit from a money-back guarantee on specific vehicles if they discover a defect within 30 days of purchasing a vehicle on CAR FOR YOU. Many more features and optimisations will follow in the coming months.
Will vehicle auctions still be possible after Autoricardo has been shut down?
Vehicle auctions will remain possible in the future through our partner platform Ricardo.
Autoricardo is being shut down. Why?
From now on, we intend to focus on the technologically advanced platform CAR FOR YOU. The platform was completely redesigned last year and offers modern, innovative ways to meet the more demanding requirements of our customers today and in the future. On CAR FOR YOU it is possible to integrate innovations that could not have been implemented on Autoricardo.
More than 3,000 garage owners already actively use CAR FOR YOU today. We want to continue to develop the platform for our current and future users in line with their needs.