Buyer protection

We protect your car purchase automatically at no extra cost with free legal protection insurance from AXA-ARAG.

As a CAR FOR YOU buyer, you receive exclusive and free AXA-ARAG vehicle contract legal protection.*

Protect yourself now for free!

* This offer applies to all CAR FOR YOU users who have contacted a dealer through CAR FOR YOU (through messaging, telephone call or WhatsApp) and bought the advertised car. Important: Vehicle sales between private individuals are excluded from this offer.

Buy second-hand at no risk

Fancy owning your own car? Perfect, we'd like you to be able to focus on the main issue when looking for a car, which is to find your dream car.

Did you know that disputes can often arise when it comes to buying a used car? Just after you've driven the car for the first time, a light flashes, for example, and the car already has to be repaired, or the winter tires that came with the car have an inadequate profile, you've bought a real lemon, or benefits were promised in the contract that haven't been fulfilled.

We'll cover this risk for you. This is where our free buyer protection insurance from AXA-ARAG protects you.It covers legal disputes, and you also benefit from legal advice in the event of a claim. And it's all free of course.

Insured legal case

Disputes under contract law between you as the car buyer and the dealer

Insured benefits

Advice and representation through AXA-ARAG. Legal costs covered. Court and expert opinion.

Sum insured

Up to CHF 300,000 sum insured without deductible or minimum amount in dispute

Free of charge

There are no costs for taking out the insurance. Not even in the small print.

Examples of legal disputes covered by buyer protection

Tachometer manipulation

You've bought a car and not long afterwards, you receive notification from the authorities that the seller may have tampered with your tachometer. You'd like to return the car immediately, but the seller says no.

How can buyer protection insurance help you in this instance?
You can assert your rights with active support from AXA-ARAG. The tachometer reading is a fixed component of your purchase agreement.  AXA-ARAG initiates the legal steps and ensures that you can easily withdraw from the agreement.
Expert tips from AXA-ARAG:
Always have components or benefits contractually guaranteed so that you also have a claim for fulfillment at a later date.
Technical faults

You've leased a car that you've always wanted. Unfortunately it turns out that it has all kinds of technical faults. The car keeps breaking down and you'd like to return it, but you can't terminate the lease agreement.

How can buyer protection insurance help you in this instance?
AXA-ARAG ensures that you can withdraw from your agreement, as your leasing agreement does not meet the legal requirements. The leasing agreement is terminated due to existing faults.

This is how you benefit from free buyer protection from AXA-ARAG.

Have you already bought a car from a dealer? Then just fill out this form and we'll check whether the car you've bought is covered by buyer protection. Your vehicle will then be registered with AXA-ARAG.

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