CAR FOR YOU has now activated the test drive function for you in the dealer area. If the interest in a vehicle is at such a level that a potential customer wishes to undertake a test drive, this will frequently be the final step before a purchase is made. Buyers want appointments to be arranged quickly and easily, while dealers will receive high-quality leads – after all, at this stage, the buyer will be close to making a purchase decision. In surveys, both CAR FOR YOU dealers and users expressed a high level of interest in having such a function.


The test drive function has been undergoing testing by the developers since the end of January – the acceptance, as expected, has been widespread. The success rate for generated sales has been equally high since test drives have led to a purchase in 40-50% of cases.


This new service function is now available to all dealers. The only vehicles excluded from this are those with an online purchase option and high-priced models in the luxury vehicle segment.



How does the test drive request work?



The test drive button is displayed visibly in the advertisement for the prospective purchaser. Clicking on the button will open a dialogue window with a contact form.



By filling in a few fields and selecting their desired test drive time in the diary, prospective buyers can send off their test drive request with only a few mouse clicks. This step should be understood as an appointment request only, and nothing more. No searches for free slots in the dealer's diary will be undertaken, nor will any independent appointments be booked. A manual confirmation, rejection or an offer of an alternative appointment time by the dealer are all options in the next step.


The message box also allows the prospective buyer to add and send a personal message, if necessary, with questions or wishes.


The prospective buyer will receive a copy of their request in which they are notified that the appointment time is not yet definitive. To coincide with this, the dealer will receive a test drive request for the desired vehicle enabling them to select a suitable date and time unhurriedly, and then notify the prospective buyer of this by getting in touch with them.

The test drive feature is an excellent way to bolster customer service processes. However, it also needs a firm and prompt response to any enquiries. 

What do you think of this new CAR FOR YOU feature? Have you already had any initial experiences with test drive requests? We look forward with interest to receiving your positive comments as well as any improvement suggestions on 043 588 10 00 or