From now on you can publish your CAR FOR YOU advertisements on your own website and we are looking for testers!

The phenomenon of the white label is common in several branches, especially in the World Wide Web, a white label represents a product or a service, which is developed or created by a supplier, in this case CAR FOR YOU, and integrated into a partner website. In this case, a white label solution means the integration of an external service into the online offer of the dealer.

How the integration works?

1. Contact our customer service at

2. You will receive a personalised link that you can integrate into your website in just a few steps. Done 🙂

Starting with the installattion of the widget up to that the advertisements are published on CAR FOR YOU: We need tests and feedback on the solution from you as a dealer!

Test the white label solution and tell others about your experience. And above all: Please share your feedback with us. We always want to become better. Please help us to achieve this. If you have more questions or want to give us feedback, please log in to the dealer portal with your login and start the live chat or contact our customer service via email at We wish you success and look forward to speaking you.