By the time a customer sends you a vehicle enquiry via CAR FOR YOU, they have already invested several hours of effort. For example, they first search for brand and price and then further narrows down their search for their desired vehicle more and more. Finally, the remaining cars are almost identical. It is at this point that trust plays a major role. We know that the more information the customer has and the better the additional service, the greater the likelihood of contact. We have summarized the most important trust points and depict them with the new "Verified" logo. This now makes it easier for you to differentiate your listings from those of your competitors and your inquiries are proven, based on our research to increase by up to 65%* - access to this is free of charge. In this blog article, we'll show you what you need to do to make this happen.

According to a CAR FOR YOU survey*, 72 % of users considered Verified offers to be more trustworthy. 65 % said they were more likely to contact a Verified offer, and 60 % would consider buying a Verified car. *Survey conducted with 1290 users, male and female, 18-55 years old.

What are the requirements for Verified listings?

Some conditions must be met in order to obtain the "Verified" logo. The first point is about trust in you as a merchant. You need a Google review with a rating of at least 3.5 stars to signal to your customers that other buyers have also had a good experience with you. If you don't have a Google listing yet, we recommend registering on Google, here.

Add detailed information about the vehicle

Four main pieces of information are needed to qualify the vehicle for the Verified badge:

  • Complete basic information
  • The vehicle model designation number (TSN)
  • A valid MFK
  • A dealer warranty

* Current price, vehicle type, color, drive, mileage, cubic capacity, power, transmission, fuel, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, consumption, basic vehicle equipment, special vehicle equipment, images of the vehicle.

In addition, the more information the better. Whether it's photos, equipment or additional notes that make your listing more authentic. Extras such as additional sets of tyres, an illuminated make-up mirror or individual door sill trims also complete your offer and give the prospective buyer an initial good feeling of confidence. Ideally, you can still specify the number of previous owners, because the fewer previous owners a vehicle has had, the better it sells.To be eligible the vehicle must contain images and dealers must have above 3.5 ratings on Google.

Gain your customers' trust with service and warranty

Relieve your customers' concerns that the car they select is reliable. The indicator "with MFK" says nothing about the service condition of the car, only that is is legally roadworthy. By servicing the car, you highlight that you have invested time and care to ensure that the car has been properly reviewed. As an additional consideration, you could give the customer a 1-year warranty, as this demonstrates that the car can change hands without any concerns or known hidden damage.

You meet all the conditions - and then what?

Your car listing can be marked as "Verified" from the moment all the necessary conditions have been met. You simply have to click on "mark this ad as Verified" and your listing will be marked accordingly, following a short check of the information. You can also upgrade existing listings by expanding their information.

What if it still doesn't work?

We are continuing to work hard on new CAR FOR YOU features. The Verified offer is currently only in beta testing and will be put through its paces and checked for all eventualities. If you meet all the above criteria and still have no success with the Verified activation, we would like to apologize for the circumstance on the one hand, but at the same time offer that our customer service team is here solve any problem you may encounter. For this purpose, please contact our customer service by email at or +41 43 588 10 00.

This way you will help us to improve our product at the same time. We are working hard to fix any bugs so that the Verified offer will be fully available to all users in the future.

The CAR FOR YOU team wishes you success with the Verified sale.