Technology, innovation and media have changed the process of buying a car rapidly over the last ten years. But what exactly does the customer want when buying a car? How can we at CAR FOR YOU better harmonise the digital experience of the buyer with that of the dealer? How can we implement and map the wishes, expectations and demands of the customer in our platform?

To this end, we conducted interviews with ten men aged 21 to 58 who describe themselves as experienced car buyers and have bought a car in the last six months.


We have found the following main statements:


- Customers have repeatedly stated that they would like to know which brands would generally be eligible for a trade-in by the dealer. It was criticised that most dealers would not indicate this and this would lead them to consider suppliers who clearly address this in their communications.


- Leasing and financing should be offered as a service. The more detailed the information available, the more likely it is that the decision will be made as to which dealership to choose. You are welcome to use corresponding online rate calculators, which are offered on the dealer site or on the platform. Often a simple example calculation that shows a deal, e.g. the calculation of a leasing rate based on the purchase price, is also helpful.


- An essential criterion that creates positive emotions in the long term is customer service. How easy is it to reach? Which communication channels are offered? How quickly is an answer given, does the salesperson call back? The customer feels particularly valued when he or she receives one or two "Guetzli" in negotiations: whether it is offering a set of winter tyres as a top-up free of charge or waiving various fees. Small extras make a big impact, according to the tenor of the interviewees.


- The customer already has very precise ideas when choosing the vehicles. It was stated that the more details the car has online in the description on the platform or website and the more pictures of good quality there are, the more likely it is that the customer is willing to buy or to contact the seller


These are the four most important "take aways" of the survey. But the most important finding remains: inspire customers and create a positive customer experience with the right services, online and offline.