Many dealers have asked for WhatsApp integration on the listing page so that you can be contacted directly on your mobile phone if someone is interested in a car.

Recently, customers have also been able to contact you via WhatsApp.

Tests conducted by CAR FOR YOU have shown that this new feature is an absolute hit.
First users are enthusiastic.

The new WhatsApp function offers many advantages:

  • WhatsApp requests can be better timed.
  • A WhatsApp request can practically not be missed.
  • WhatsApp video calls enable a virtual tour of your showroom.
  • Many customers prefer WhatsApp as a form of contact rather than phone or email.

Register now for free for the new WhatsApp feature.

And this is how it works:

1. Contact our customer service via email or telephone
2. We will store the telephone number you require
3. The WhatsApp function appears automatically on all your advertisements