Insertion Rules


In order to be able to provide a Swiss car marketplace that is as transparent as possible, it is important that the vehicles offered online are also identical to the actual vehicle market. We therefore kindly ask that you not only comply with the Price Disclosure Act, the Federal Energy Act and the Federal Act against Unfair Competition, but also with the insertion rules set out below.

The General Terms and Conditions of CAR FOR YOU also apply.

A vehicle that is listed on CAR FOR YOU must:

Be a motor vehicle. Only motor vehicles (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) that are for sale may be advertised. Requests, parts, accessories, motorbikes and watercraft of any kind as well as any non-powered vehicles (bicycles, trailers, caravans etc.) are not permitted.

Be unique and genuine. By this we mean that a car may only be advertised once. Any attribution to this vehicle may also only be made once and must correspond to the facts. General listings for vehicle models or cars of a particular type are not permitted. (Please report any database errors to us immediately).

The price must be the actual final price, including any VAT. Only delivery fees that are at market rates may be charged separately. These should also be included in the description of the vehicle. 'Starting-from prices', lease and hire rates are not permitted. 

Be available in Switzerland. The advertiser must have the vehicle physically present in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Vehicles to order are excluded from the offering of CAR FOR YOU. Where direct or parallel imports are involved, these must also be marked as such in the listing.

Display original photographs. It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that they hold the necessary image rights. Photos must not be misleading, nor misrepresent the facts. The vehicle is to be shown in the foreground; changes that result from image editing are permitted, provided that the changes do not affect the features of the vehicle (i.e. background enhancements).

Be complete. Wherever possible and mandated by law (newer vehicles), fuel/energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as the fuel/energy efficiency category must be indicated.

Be available for an inspection or a test drive. All listed vehicles must be available for inspection and delivery within a week in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

CAR FOR YOU AG reserves the right to delete advertisements that do not comply with the above rules and – in the case of repeated infringements – to bar the advertiser from all future advertising. Deleted advertisements or blocked access do not entitle advertisers to compensation of any kind. This also applies to the refund of fees already paid.

Amendments to these advertising rules
CAR FOR YOU AG reserves the right to make changes to these listing rules at any time. 

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