Did you buy a car?

We believe in the quality of cars on CARFORYOU. If your car has a defect in the first 30 days, you will get back the full purchase price from AXA, thanks to the Money-Back-Guarantee.

  1. 1
    Request a free guarantee
  2. 2
    In the case of a defect: obtain a repair quotation from a garage and send it to AXA
  3. 3
    AXA picks up the car and gives you back the full purchased price.

Frequently asked questions about the Money-Back-Guarantee:

Which vehicles are eligible for the money-back guarantee?
Cars that belong to the buyer. Therefore, leasing vehicles are excluded, as they belong to the leasing bank.
Who provides the Money-Back-Guarantee?
AXA Versicherungen AG, General-Guisan-Strasse 40, 8401 Winterthur (called «AXA») is providing the CAR FOR YOU insurance.
How does the Money-Back-Guarantee work?
If the insured event occurs, the policy-holder has the right to hand over the vehicle to AXA at the purchase price. For more information check the General Insurance Conditions (GIC)
How can I get the Money-Back-Guarantee?
To obtain the CAR FOR YOU guarantee, you need to fill in the form on our platform right after the purchase of a qualified car. You will receive a confirmation immediately. Whether or not a car is qualified for the CAR FOR YOU guarantee is visible on the car's detail page.
When can I claim the guarantee?
The Money-Back-Guarantee can be claimed whenever a defect is causing repair costs while the contract is active. Repair costs are expenses due to labour and material needed to repair the defect on the insured vehicle. The following incidents are not considered defects:

- Defects which were known prior to the activation of the contract
- Defects caused by inappropriate operations and lack of care (wrong fuel type, not enough oil, ignoring service windows)
- Defects due to normal operation of the car (breaking gear, tires, chassis and paint)
- Defects included in hull insurance
- Return of vehicle to the dealership
When does the Money-Back-Guarantee start and end?
The contract gets active on the registration date of the vehicle and is valid for 30 days. After the guarantee period of 30 days, the coverage ends.
How to I proceed in case of a guarantee incident?
If you decide to give back your car in case of a defect, you get a form to transfer the ownership. Once signed, we come by to collect the car and you get back the purchase sum immediately.
Where can I communicate a defect?
The insurance holder needs to communicate defects within 10 days via e-mail to sorglos@axa.ch.
Which user data is used by CAR FOR YOU and AXA?
Detailed information on the data utilisation can be found in «Privacy Policy»