Do you want to sell your car successfully? In this article, you will learn how to calculate the value of your car.

Find out how much your car is still worth

Did you know that in Switzerland more used cars are bought every year than new cars? That's why there are good opportunities to research a fair price for your car. Here you can find out what influences the price and how to determine the price. In addition, we give you a handful of other useful tips, for example on your sales photos and ways to upgrade your car

In the end, it is important that you and the buyer are satisfied and you have made a good deal. Basically, you can either do the pricing yourself or let a professional do it for you. We will also show you the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Many factors influence the selling price

Depending on the make and model, the purchase price varies even for new cars. So it is not easy to get an overview. Accordingly, the market value of used cars is often a matter of opinion. Age, condition, mileage, but also colour and additional equipment are decisive factors that influence the selling price of your car. A good and fair price results from an objective assessment of these elements. Basically, you have two possibilities to maintain the value of your car: Either you do your own research, which can be time-consuming depending on the circumstances. Or you can consult external experts who will help you to determine a reasonable market price. Let's talk about the first option first.

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You have always taken a good look at the condition of your car and replaced parts when necessary? Good! Especially if you can prove it in a service booklet or with invoices.


The more kilometres your car has driven, the cheaper you have to offer it. However, if you can show that maintenance has been carried out regularly, this point is relative. Depending on the model, the mileage is less important for the value of the car if the service booklet proves that it is in good condition.

Car record

Your car was once involved in an accident? This reduces the value of the car. Ideally, you should let potential buyers know, as this will usually come to light anyway during a closer inspection. Optional extras: Special features of the interior, leather seats, tyre sets and many more can make the difference for a higher price. So be sure to mention the optional extras during the sales talk and take them into account when calculating the price of the car.

Condition of the interior

How good does the fitting look, how good do the seats look? Make sure that everything is well prepared. You can either do this yourself or leave it to a professional. Find out here how to treat the interior of your car to add value.

Last MOT (MFK)

Was the last motor vehicle inspection not long ago? Good for you! The ideal thing, of course, is to present the car again before the sale.

Also possible: online vehicle evaluation

Eurotax is a great calculator that determines your car value. All you need is your vehicle registration card for the details, a few francs and some time. Because Eurotax uses data from the entire Swiss second-hand market, you can calculate the value of your car even more reliably. You can also use a Eurotax valuation as a kind of seal of approval for the sale. The price calculation usually takes no longer than 30 minutes.

Advice on vehicle value from a professional

If you prefer to call in a professional, there are several options: Whether you are a second-hand dealer, a garage owner in a workshop near you or a specialist for car checks. The dealer may charge a few francs for the assessment. So find out in advance if and how much a price estimate might cost. The advantage of an assessment by a dealer or garage owner is a reliable sales price that has been determined specifically for your vehicle based on the expertise and know-how of the professional. You can also use this assessment in the sales talk to show that you are a trustworthy seller.

Further advantages

Experts know typical defects of different vehicle models, but also features that increase the value of a vehicle. This helps you especially if your car is equipped with various extras and cannot be easily compared with the same basic models. You get an assessment of what work still needs to be done on the car to make sure your car sells as well as possible. The professional in the garage can tell you whether or not additional investments make sense compared to the current value of the car.

t is also possible to indicate that the relevant work must be paid for by the buyer. As you can see, depending on your sales strategy, you have various possibilities to influence the price.

Find the right time to avoid additional loss of value

Every year your car loses about five to ten percent of its value. By the way, when you buy a new car, the depreciation is already considerable after a few hundred kilometres: depending on the model, the loss in value is 30 percent after the first year. For budgetary reasons, a used car is definitely worthwhile for the buyer. It is therefore important to consider how much the value of your car will change if you cannot sell it in the near future. With oldtimers or special vehicles, it can also go the other way: these vehicles sometimes increase in value again over time.

We hope this information has helped you and wish you every success in selling your car.

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