You want to sell your car via CAR FOR YOU? Actually, it is not very complicated to take good photos of your car for the sale advertisement. All you need is your mobile phone and a little time. Because with the right photos and the following tips you will soon be contacted by interested parties.

Of course you can try your hand at artistic photos, but when it comes to selling, the car and all its details are the main focus of interest, not the coolest Instagram shot of it in front of a massive backdrop. So here are some tips on how to use your mobile phone to effectively showcase your car for a successful car sale.

Why are good photos important?

Because for many people the process of buying a car is also a psychological one. It must be important to you that prospective buyers build trust in you. Bad or incomplete pictures will cause the opposite. Whether you like it or not, and no matter what excellent condition your car is in: If potential buyers overlook your ad because of bad photos, nothing will work.

What do I need to take good photos? 

A little time and good timing are more important than you think. So plan enough time for the shooting so that you don't have to go home with the first pictures you see. If you prepare yourself properly, you can easily take a few dozen sharp photos, from which you can then choose the best ones for your ad.

By the way, if you are looking for a few cars on CAR FOR YOU and want to see how they were photographed, it will help to get into the right mood. Both the good and the bad examples will help you to prepare for your car shoot. There is no harm in taking notes about what kind of photos you want to take and what you want to photograph. It seems strange when in the photo gallery of an advertisement suddenly pictures are added that do not match with the others. So think about what you want to show in the photos. The more, the more interesting your ad! For your orientation, here is a list of the most important views of your car that you should take pictures of:

- Front view (directly from the front and diagonally from the front)

- Side views (left and right side)

- Rear view (directly from the rear and diagonally from behind)

- Driver's seat

- Back seat

- Cockpit (in switched on and off state)

- Boot

- Rims and tyres

- Interior of the engine

- Detailed photographs of special parts and documents of the car

- A good preparation influences the quality of the photos

- Cleaning

A clean car looks better on photos in advertisements. Both inside and outside. Clear out everything that does not really belong in the car. Even personal items, lucky charms, charger cables or cigarette packets do not belong on the ad photos. Don't forget the boot and other storage areas. In the very best case, you have already done the preparation for your car and it shines like new.

Put everything in position

Then move the seats and gear shift into position so that it looks coherent and aligned. With the ignition on, you can add a little ambience when, for example, the navigation system or car radio and the illuminated instrument panels are active.

Select the right location

Then choose one or two places where you can take your time to take the sales photos of your car. Preferably with an overcast sky. This soft light will put your car in the best light. Direct sunlight is not particularly favourable, as shadows and reflections can distort the photos. Depending on the time of day, you should pay attention to where you place your car anyway, so that there are no unnecessary reflections and reflections on the bodywork, windows and windows or mirrors. Large outside parking spaces are a good idea. If necessary, in bad weather, for example, well-lit car parks or underground garages. It is important to have a backdrop that is as neutral as possible so that the car is at its most central. Our insider tip: With the evening sun, you can take good pictures with a special touch.

Alone is be

It is important that there are no other cars in the picture that could steal the show from your car. Otherwise the eye of the viewer will be distracted from the real thing: your car.

Remove or black out the car number

It is common practice to make the number plate of cars in advertisements unrecognisable or to blacken it. If you don't want to tediously edit pictures afterwards, just take off the car number plate during the shooting. But don't forget to remount them before you drive home!

Tips and tricks for the shoot

The right light

Depending on the time of day, you should pay attention to where you place your car to avoid unnecessary reflections on the bodywork, windows and windows or mirrors. Ideal is the morning or even the evening light.

Keep distance

You should shoot the pictures of the outdoor area from a distance of about eight to ten metres. A tip from the pros: You can see the chocolate side of the car if you shoot it diagonally from the front left. This perspective is particularly harmonious for the human eye.

Brightness, sharpness and filters

It is best to try out different settings in a first run. How do the images look? Too bright? Too dark? Can you see the details? Otherwise adjust the sharpness and brightness in the photo app you are using. The use of filters is not recommended. The photos should appear neutral and should not be changed too artificially with filters, which could falsify the colours.

Perspectives and different angles

Keep your mobile phone or camera virtually at the same level as the car when taking photos, not from above. Experiment with getting down on your knees. This gives your car a more imposing look. Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction so that the tyres are clearly visible.

Photograph for what it's worth

Finally, one important piece of advice: do not hesitate to take lots of pictures. Better to clean up at the end than to have to repeat the whole thing.