All car sellers have one thing in common: they want to get the best possible price for their used car. However, something must be done to achieve this. In this article we explain how you can upgrade your car for sale or as an investment in maintaining value.

Always keep in mind: A car sale is also a psychological thing. The first impression counts and is priceless. So make sure that the advertisement of your car is flawless and detailed. Here you will find tips on how to take the perfect photos. Karma, baby: Your ad should be truthful. It's very important that the interested parties trust you and your offer. If you can, tell them something about what your car has already experienced. This will increase trust and automatically loosen your wallet a little bit. Never had an accident? Be sure to mention it in your ad!

If you then consider the following points for the interior and exterior of the car, your car is practically sold - and at a good price!

Car preparation

If you take just one thing from this text, then: a clean car brings in more money. Yeah, it's that simple. Many tests have shown that. Therefore, when it comes to car valeting, your focus should be on a thorough refurbishment of your car. Refurbishment restores your car to as close as possible to its original condition and helps to upgrade it accordingly. You can either do the restoration yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Interior preparation

In this article we have compiled a detailed list of how you can do the preparation of the interior yourself. You will find tips for cleaning, care, fragrance and much more. The tips are generally very useful if you just want to do something good for your car again.

Preparation of outdoor areas

Tyres and rims: Old tyres are not only dangerous, but also look quite ugly. Remember: The overall impression is important! After all, you want your car to be perceived as clean and well maintained in order to get the best price. An easy way to upgrade your car is therefore to change the tyres and/or the rims. They can be second hand as long as they look good and work perfectly.

Engine: Depending on the engine, it may be worth replacing relatively inexpensive wearing parts such as spark plugs, timing belts, etc., if necessary. Let a car mechanic advise you on this. He will tell you what you can do to upgrade the car from a mechanical point of view.

Bodywork: To make your car shine in the eyes of potential buyers, it is advisable to pay special attention to cleaning the bodywork. Not only dirt, dust, salt or stone chips can leave their marks on the underbody and the paintwork, but also the typical scratches on the door edges, which you will get over time, sometimes through no fault of your own. In any case, it's certainly a matter of looks, but this can also result in damage to the paintwork, discolouration or, in the worst case, rust and consequential damage, which can damage your car and then give you headaches. Therefore: remove scratches. If there are dents or dents, you usually have to go to a specialist anyway to have the damage assessed and to be able to repair it.

Accessories can help

Also give the car accessories the necessary care and attention. It can be worthwhile to sell additional items such as winter or summer tyres, roof racks, bicycle racks or ski boxes as part of the total package. Depending on the condition and size of your car, you can also help to ensure that the value of your car remains relatively high overall.

Fresh from MFK

Some people trust more easily than others. Either way, if you want to sell your car, you will gain the trust of potential buyers if you have recently demonstrated it. Increased trust is directly reflected in the price people are willing to pay. So a recent car inspection is definitely something that can add value to your car.

Full documentation

Imagine you want to buy a vehicle and you have 2 identical vehicles to choose from. Both sellers have read all these tips, the vehicle is the same: same age, same mileage, same dent in the bumper. Now let's assume further, the only difference between the two is: one person has all the papers and bills of all the car services, repairs and spare parts at hand, the other person does not. Which car would you buy? ? Exactly. Thoroughness refers not only to the cleaning of the car, but also to the documentation. If it is complete and coherent, your car will automatically be upgraded.

Better to maintain regularly

The fact is: a car loses value with every kilometre, every year, every scratch. You would do well to give your car a little love on a regular basis. This is the best way to maintain its value. It is of little use not to take care of it for years and then start to upgrade it before selling it.

In addition to all the tips on valeting: A car sale is always a matter of chemistry between buyer and seller. If you are honest, friendly and your advertisement has the same effect, then your car will have a good chance on the market.

We wish you much success!