A car is rarely bought lightly and is something special for most people. That is why it is important as a seller to pay attention to the following important points.

When buying a car, a large amount of money is often involved. But there is also uncertainty, as buying a car is not very routine. That is why not only the facts are important in the whole process, but also the surrounding circumstances.

Some would say psychological aspects. If you are aware of these, you are optimally prepared to sell your car. We have summarised for you what the potential buyers will look for when buying a used car. You have found this article in your search for a used car? Stay there!

It can also be very useful for you if you want to know what to look for when you are interested in a car. A little tip: If you are not a particular car freak or trained mechanic yourself, you would be well advised to go to the viewing appointment with a car expert friend or drive the car to a garage during the test drive for a check. That is always worthwhile. Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke. Nevertheless, read on so that you know what is important.

An impeccable advertisement

Sounds natural. But it is not if you look around on certain sales platforms. A good advertisement is concrete and detailed. If you offer your car online, you will reach many more potential buyers. It is therefore worth taking the time to enter your ad as accurately and completely as possible. This definitely includes good photos.

In this article, we will explain how you take them. Overall, make sure that all details are listed truthfully and accurately and do not hesitate to write something about the vehicle and its history to date. We will also point out defects that have either not yet been fixed or are still being fixed. This creates additional confidence. Imagine how you yourself react when browsing through car advertisements. Twisted photos, vague details, a price that does not match the car shown: Badly presented offers immediately attract negative attention. So it's worth your while to make an effort when creating your ad!

Building trust and possible questions

Prepare yourself and the vehicle before you personally welcome interested parties for viewing and test driving. You will find tips on car preparation in this article. Also, make sure you have all the documentation ready. Potential car buyers understandably want to know everything about the car they are interested in. They will pay attention to what detailed information you can give them.

It is best to prepare answers to the following questions so that you can gain the trust of the interested parties: Why are you selling the vehicle? How many owners has the car had? Was the car involved in accidents? Is the service booklet a record of all the work carried out? Do you have the invoices of the repairs made? Where was the car located when you were not driving it? When was the last MFK? What exactly was done for it?

Often interested people come in twos, so that they feel safer, or because the escort may have specific vehicle knowledge and knows what to look out for when buying a car. Be prepared for this and if possible present your car in a place where you can talk in peace and where the vehicle can be presented undisturbed with the doors open. If you want to test drive the car, it's best if you first take it for a spin and explain specifics about the car while driving.

In this way, the potential buyer can get a clear picture of how the car behaves, how it sounds and what kind of visual impression it makes. Afterwards, she should of course be given the opportunity to take the wheel herself. And, of course, a well-groomed appearance, a pleasant impression and the willingness to answer all questions will ensure a pleasant exchange. If there is something you don't know, then say so honestly and offer to pass on the information afterwards. This way you can easily get in touch with a potential buyer again.

Detection of defects

During the viewing appointment, special attention is of course paid to the condition of the offered car. The basic rule is: be honest. If your car has any defects, tell us about them. Nothing is worse than to conceal information and it will be discovered during the inspection.

The potential buyer will pay special attention to the following points:

Cleanliness and smell

Condition of the interior

heating, air conditioning, windscreen wipers

Safety belts

Radio / Navi

Indicator lights

Rust, scratches, dents, traces of accidents

Condition of the gaskets

Condition of windows and rear-view mirrors

Lights and indicators

Locks, window lifters

Condition and quality of tyres and hubcaps

Condition of the exhaust

Brakes, hand brake and ABS


Engine compartment

Hoses and cables

Condition and age of the battery


Operating instructions

Preparation and transparency are essential

You offer trust and professionalism with a written contract of sale that covers all the necessary details. The better and more serious you are prepared here, the better. In any case, it is easier to make these considerations as precisely as possible when placing an advertisement - in this way you ensure a clean starting position. Think about how you will handle the sale, whether you want to use cash or a bank transfer.

You should also be given time to think it over and avoid pushing the sale unnecessarily. This can look suspicious or dubious. Instead, it is better to say clearly what your next steps are. After all, there is the possibility that other people who are also interested in the car will contact you. Also be transparent about this and let them know if there are any further visits planned and explain that you need to organise something accordingly. This also contributes to a fair and trusting sales talk.

With this in mind: Good luck and also read our other tips for selling your car!

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