Say goodbye to hours of price comparison.

The price check helps you to compare the price of different used cars - quickly, easily and reliably.

Find the best cars

The first and only price check in Switzerland:

Helpful in the search

You can already see the price check labels when you search and know which car you can buy below the market price.

Saves time and effort

Up to now you had to compare yourself. That took a long time and was tedious. The first price check in Switzerland frees you from that.

We take these criteria into account for the price check

Our algorithm can calculate the market price of a car based on various criteria. To do this, we rely on reliable data from the Swiss Federal Roads Office and Auto-I. This enables us to indicate whether an offer is rather cheap.

Please note that we cannot consider all criteria for the price check. Some dealers offer extras that justify a higher price.

The following criteria are taken into account:

Make, model and type




Body type



Gearbox & transmission


Which criteria do we not consider?

- Exterior condition

- Interior condition

- Special services of the dealer

- Additional guarantees of the dealer

- Advantages of the dealer

- Optional equipment and assistance systems*

*In some cases it is considered.

The following price categories are available:

Very good value

The price is significantly (20% and more) below the current market value.

Good value

The price is slightly (12 - 20%) below the current market value.

Market price

The price corresponds to the current market value (up to +/- 12%).

Above market price

The price is (12% and more) above the current market value.

No price check

Unfortunately, there is not enough comparative data for this car.

Here is an example for the price check

How we calculate the market price - step by step.

The starting point: the new price

Here in the example: a Golf 1.4 TSI Comfortline, it was newly sold for CHF 32'000.

The loss of value through age and mileage

The price check calculates the loss of value of the car over time. It is based on comparative values for the same model. The main factors are age and mileage. Body type, gearshift, transmission, drive and colour are included in the calculation and change the depreciation slightly.

Our assessment

This offer is over 12% above the market price. That's why the price check rates it as "Above the market price".

Above the market price? Not necessarily.

With this car you get 12 months free service and warranty as well as an additional sports equipment package. We could not take these extras into account in the price check. It is therefore worth contacting the dealer if you have any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a price check for every car?
No. For rare models we unfortunately do not have enough comparison data to make a price check.
How much can I rely on the price check?
The PriceCheck gives a very good estimate of the price. However, it is possible that a retailer offers very generous services. This can increase the price of a car. It is therefore worthwhile to compare your favourites yourself.
Can the seller influence a valuation?
No, we carry out the price check independently with an algorithm.
A price valuation has suddenly changed. Why?
Sometimes dealers change an offer. This can have an impact on the market price we calculate. If this changes, it is possible that the price check will also change.